Read our Bangkok adult guide for the best action in the city. There is information on red light districts, gogo bars, street girls and freelancers.

Plus, there’s the low down on the PatPong area – a classic adult venue in Bangkok – and everything you need to know about picking up Thai bar girls.

People willing to spend a bit more cash can venture into the high end massage parlours, escort agencies and raditional Thai karaoke clubs.

See each one of these pages in our Bangkok adult guide to get equipped with the knowledge needed to navigate through the city’s sex hotspots. They detail prices, reviews, the best venues, opening times, what to do, how they work and much more. Jump in!

Ping Pong Shows

Bar Girls

Escort Agencies


Karaoke Bars & Clubs

Gay Bangkok

Russian girls

Spending a few minutes reading a good adult guide to Bangkok is important for anyone visiting the city for the first time. Frankly, it’s such a crazy place then even after the second or third visit it’s still takes some understanding.

Expats who have lived there for years don’t even get it. And it’s better not to try and understand Bangkok or Thai society in general. Just dive street in, have fun, spend your holiday money.

A couple of vital points to remember to stay safe in Bangkok’s adult world….

  • Don’t argue with Thais or get aggressive- especially if you’re drunk. You won’t win, and the police won’t help you. Apologies and walk away, even if you’re right and they started it
  • Treat the girls well. It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it. They’re giving up their bodies in exchange for a cheapish price, so show them a little bit of respect at least
  • Dabbling with ladyboys can be dangerous. Take all precautions necessary and keep in mind the two points above… but be extra careful.