The number of Bangkok African prostitutes working in the city has soared in recent years.

Whereas ten years ago there were hardly any, now dozens of African freelancers can be found on any night in Bangkok. They come from a mix of exotic countries including Kenya, Ghana, Uganda and Nigeria.

The boom in African prostitutes has been so big that it’s impossible not to see black girls looking for customers in certain parts of Bangkok.

A Bangkok African prostitute

A Bangkok African prostitute

Black freelancers can be found easily

Black freelancers can be found easily

But is it really worth picking up any of the Bangkok African prostitutes? That’s a personal preference. But this guide will give you all the information needed to make that tough decision.

Where to find African prostitutes in Bangkok?

Nano Soi 4 There are always plenty of black freelancers waiting around the junction at the end of the road from the Nana Plaza. They walk up and down Sukhumvit Road between Nana Soi 4 and Soi 6 and on the other side of the road around Soi 3 and Soi 5.

Nano Soi 11 This is another popular area for the African street hookers to gather. Plenty can be seen standing around waiting for customers.

How much do Bangkok African prostitutes cost?

Black girls charge the same price as the Thai street freelancers. It’s about 1,000THB for short time or 2,000THB for long time. However, it is always possible to ask for discount and get the price down. It all depends on how desperate the girl is and whether they think it’s going to be hard work.

There have been some reports from guys who had tried African girls for about 800THB short time or 1,500THB long time. Haggling does work when it’s done with a smile.


Are African prostitutes safe?

One of the big complaints from tourists and expats is that the African girls have pimps or mama sans working with them. This is more likely to be for the girl’s protection rather than causing any kind of trouble. They’re third rate citizens in Thailand after Thais and tourists. They know that any problems and they’d be shipped right back home. What’s more, I’ve never read or heard any stories of men having problems with African girls. Ladyboys and Thai girls, on the other hand….

The other issue with African girls is STDs. There’s simply no way of knowing whether they have AIDS or any other kind of sexually transmitted nasties. There’s a simple solution to this – just wear a johnny. Most of them won’t be spending money on contraception either.

The attitude of the African women is also quite good. It’s an entirely different personality to Thai. But they’re friendly enough, in general.

So what’s the attraction to African girls in Bangkok?

You’re in Thailand so you want to nail some Thai chicks, right? If you want black… why not go on holiday to Africa? Well, it’s not quite that simple.

For a start, nobody’s booking two weeks in Nigeria just to sample some black booty. Bangkok, on the other hand, is one of the sex tourism capitals of the world – with a huge variety of tastes and orientations. It’s a bit like a big sweet shop with loads of flavours to try. Anybody who has always fancied having a go on an African woman can do so easily in Bangkok for a fairly low price.

Or perhaps they’ve tried black ladies before and want a bit of variety on their holiday. Whatever the reason, Bangkok’s African prostitutes are a valid option.

And finally, the bedroom performance…

African prostitutes rate highly on the fun factor but they do have to get in the mood. They’re fit, athletic and some of them have great figures and soft skin. Again, it all comes down to personal preference but the Bangkok African prostitutes are definitely worth a try.