If you’re visiting Bangkok for the first time or you’re stuck for ideas on how to spend your days in the Thai capital, here’s a list of must-do activities to experience the full spectrum of Bangkok’s adult nightlife.


Visit the Nana Plaza – The plaza on Soi 4 in the heart of Bangkok’s red light district is a must visit. Some love, and will spend their entire holiday there or in the bars outs. Others like it less so. But the Nana Plaza, although becoming slightly more commercial as it tries to attract a broader range of customer, is still a must visit destination.

Drinks on Soi Cowboy – This is one of the three biggest areas for gogo bars and bar girls in Bangkok. Friendly, safe and fun. It’s perfect for catching a meal, relaxing with a beer and taking in the atmosphere or finds a stunner to take home.

African hookers on Sukhumvit Road – Not everybody’s cup of tea but there are lots of westerners of all ages and persuasions that can be scene with a black girl on their arms. They’re safe but stay away from the African men at all costs.

Filipino ladyboys – It might seem strange to some that anybody would want a ladyboy from the Philippines when Thailand is essentially the ladyboy capital of the world. Buy Pinoys are from a very different culture and there are lots of good reports on Filipino ladyboys.