Beautiful Biology Teacher Is A Hit With Pupils

This biology teacher is making everyone want to go back to school and be her student after she was dubbed the most attractive head mistress.

Phusanisa Goonnasit, 29, drew attention after she recorded herself singing a song which reminds pupils to hand in their homework on time.

She was then praised online for her good lucks – with men asking how they can join her classes at the college in Bangkok.

Pretty biology teacher dubbed the world's most beautiful headmistress

Saiparn, head of the biology department, said: ”I’m very thankful for all of the attention. It’s a big compliment when people say I’m the most beautiful teacher they have seen.

”But actually, I’m not interested in this. I just want my pupils to complete their homework on time.”

Growing up in a family of teachers, Saiparn followed her father’s footsteps and landed a job teaching teenagers at the Samsenwittayalai school in Bangkok, Thailand.

Pretty biology teacher dubbed the world's most beautiful headmistress
Pretty biology teacher dubbed the world's most beautiful headmistress

After five years of teaching, she found that most of her students did not hand in assignments on time.

The biology instructor then composed the song which teased those who finished the work late -but still expected the best grades.

Saiparn said she always used songs with her own lyrics to teach her students information in a fun and imaginative way in class.

She said: “Biology has a lot of content which could be boring to teenage students. So I liked to adapt lyrics from popular Thai songs into a science context, so they would memorize it easily.”

However, the female teacher was not expecting to see many people pay attention to her witty song and her beauty as her students have always been used to it.

She added: ”They always enjoy this teaching style of mine in class but I never thought that my singing would become popular outside the class too. I must have a very good voice.”

The conscientious teacher believes that the old style of teaching is unproductive and teachers should use technology and creativity to instruct students.

Saipan said: ”Teaching with experiences, activities, and technologies related to students could make them understand and learn better.

”I think that it’s not my beauty that captures students’ attention but it’s rather my unique and creative ideas of teaching. I would continue to teach them like this as long as my students are happy.”

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