Classic Katoy

The old ones are always the best. And this picture has been kicking around for ages. The katoy in the shot has probably found a farang, had the cut and shut operation and married living in Germany now.

But never the less, it’s a good one to share. There have been so many memes from it, we’ve lost count. There’s plenty more, but this one’s the best.

She’s pictured looking beautiful and averagely feminine. Then in a second shot standing up to take a leak in the urinals. Whether of not it’s an actual ladyboy or a funny joke picture, I don’t know. For sure, she doesn’t have her skirt hitched up or anything zipped down, so it’s unlikely anything’s poking out. Sorry to spoil the fun if you were getting excited. But the ladyboy joke’s still there all the┬ásame…

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