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Crocodiles Escape From Flooded Zoo… Locals EAT Them

Barmy locals weren’t afraid of ten killer crocodiles that escaped from a flooded zoo¬†– they simply ATE them.

Police warned people to stay indoors after heavy floods swamped Tha Lad Zoo in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand, allowing the creatures to swim out.

Authorities feared the reptiles – some up to five metres long – would be hungry after not getting their regular meals and attack villagers living nearby.

Ten crocodiles escaped from a flooded zoo and residents ate them

Ten crocodiles escaped from a flooded zoo and residents ate them

But shocking pictures show how residents simply SHOT the beasts, stripped them of their valuable skin – and tore of chunks of croc meat to eat.

One image shows two laughing men and a woman loading up white plastic bags with the fresh crocodile meat.

Mum-of-two Fah Pattaraporn, 26, who lives in the province, said: ”I’m very far from the zoo but I still stayed inside and made my children stay in their rooms.

”There were lots of people who thought it was funny and went out to look for the crocodiles. They didn’t know how dangerous they can be.

A resident tucks into crocodile meat

A resident tucks into crocodile meat

The beats are believed to have been shot first

The beats are believed to have been shot first

”One group of men caught a crocodile. They put it on a stick and took off the meat to cook. I feel sorry for the crocodile. They should have been caught and taken back to the zoo.”

Staff evacuated hundreds of rare birds and other animals from the four hectare zoo, which is set in a 500 acre park in the Muang area.

Local mayor Manas Pongyeelar said that at least ten crocodiles were missing from the park. It is not known how many have been caught and how many are still swimming around in flooded streets.

He added: ”We are trying to catch the crocodiles and evacuate the rest of the animals.

”We are using boats to patrol the area and find any loose animals. People should be careful and stay inside.”

Heavy rains have hit southern Thailand and northern Malaysia during the last week. Twelve people have died in the floods so far.

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