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Have-a-go Hero Catches Armed Robber With Flying Karate Kick

This is the incredible moment a have-a-go-hero catches a gun-wielding armed robber with a flying KARATE KICK.

The helmet-wearing man appeared on a motorbike and grabbed a defenseless woman while waving a pistol at terrified onlookers.

But he left-empty handed – and a man in a pink shirt made a running leap at the attacker as he tried to escape on his motorcycle.

The force of the blow knocked him to the ground and four other men were able to pile in and wrestled the man to the ground after the attempted robbery on November 28.

Meanwhile, the shaken woman he tried to rob took revenge by whipping off her hard white helmet and hitting the man over the head with it.

The have-a-go hero tackles the armed robber with a flying karate kick

The have-a-go hero tackles the armed robber with a flying karate kick

Inthaphong Bounyong recorded the incident on CCTV from a home overlooking the road where in happened in Nakhon Ratchasima, northeast Thailand.

He said: ”He tried to rob the woman but she resisted him. Then he thought he could scare her by waving a gun.

”But he didn’t expect men to hear the disturbance and come running over. He tried to escape on his motorcycle and it was a brave man who knocked him over with a flying kick.

”More men came and piled in. They caught him and the police took him away.”

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