Gogo bars in Bangkok have plenty of action

Gogo bars in Bangkok are a potent mix of girls, booze and boobs. They’ve claimed many-a-man over the years – we’ve seen tourists lose the plot and empty their bank accounts within a few hours.

But there’s no doubt that gogo bars are the bread and butter of Bangkok nightlife. Amy night out should involve a visit to at least one gogo bar.

The mixture of girls dancing seductively in skimpy revealing clothes with the aroma of liquor and loud music creates an atmosphere that is unique to gogo bars in Bangkok. More than 40 girls are available within most gogo bars in Bangkok. They’re all available for action either at the table, sometimes in rooms at the club, or by bar fining them to take them away to a short time motel or back to your hotel.

If you find yourself in Bangkok and are looking for a seriously fun time, gogo bars are available in three main areas of city.

Soi Cowboy next to Asok station, Nana Plaza on Sukhumvit Road Soi 4, and Soi Patpong in Silom.

Hotels are perfectly located near all three main sites for gogo bars, so if you are getting lucky, there is always a place available for you and the female you have taken a liking to. So, what happens in these go-go bars?.

Well the bars are basically a strip club, but with a Bangkok twist to it. The entertainment starts off with beautiful ladies dancing to a crowd consisting of almost 99 per cent men (though couples and lesbians are always made to feel especially welcome).

Some men get lap dances and some are just in there to watch and other times something else happens in the bar… you can use your imagination, it usually just depends on how far the girl goes in her quest to get more drinks from you.

Here’s what happens…

Walk inside the club and you will usually be shown to your table by a hostess. Sometimes this is a dancer, the mama san or some other staff. Either way, if you’re a lone male you will be offered the chance to have a girl come and sit with you. You buy her a drink (these will be more expensive than normal, as the girl gets cut from the sale) and she sits and entertains you.

What happens next all depends on the mood. Some girls will be grinding you and have their hands down your pants faster than a bolt of lightning. Others will be more reserved. But the aim of the girl is always the same – to get more drinks for themselves and to tempt you into bar fining them and paying for their services (NB: This is starting to change slightly in recent times, with more university girls working in gogo bars in Bangkok as a side job and not sleeping with customers).

Personally, we recommend arriving at the club and relaxing for a few minutes while watching the dancers. When you like the look of one, call her over or ask the mama san to bring her over to you.

What other entertainment is available?

You thought that was it? There is a lot more, girls offer a wide array of talent across the floor. Dancing isn’t the only entertainment these girls offer; a floor show is available also.

Some gogo bars will do live lesbian shows that involve kissing and body rubbing. Some will offer topless or nude, but this is actually banned. Some gogo bars include hot tubs and jacuzzis full of water or foam. But all of them are about beer and breasts.

The different types of gogo girls

The regular gogo dancers are the staple girls for these joints. But most bars will also have ‘coyotes’. These are the upper tier of dancers who are considered younger, hotter and sexier than the others. They’re also that little bit more expensive to take home. They’ve got that little bit more of an attitude to them because of it.

Price in gogo bars

Typic price for a beer can be as little as 50 baht if there is some kind of promotion on. However, most places will be at least 150baht. Drinks for the girls, or ‘lady drinks’ as they’re known, will be around 200 to 300 baht. Don’t complain about having to pay more for drinks for a girl – that’s how they get paid and to be fair, customers can have a good grope of their bodies for the price, too.

Now, to meet girls in the go-go bars are one thing. Taking one home or in a hotel is another. Prices range from around 500 baht to 1000 baht for a bar fine plus around 1,00 baht for short time (one hour) for the girl up to 5,000bht for the night. Anything else is just way too expensive and simply not worth paying.

Here are a few notes for you, do take notice of them because most go-go bars abide by the same rules and they are very strict about most of them. For one, do not open your camera. Any recording or taking any pictures of what is happening inside the club is strictly prohibited. So if you don’t want to be kicked out from said bar, do mind this rule.

For two, you cannot take a girl or put your hands on a girl by force or without any permission of the manager or the girl herself. These women are still women and should be treated with respect, no matter what their job is.

For three and most important, never go in to a go-go bar without any money on you. The whole operation of a go-go bar centers itself on money.

So? Are you interested? Intrigued? Or are just looking for a good time? The next time you find yourself in Bangkok, it wouldn’t hurt to try right? Go ahead, indulge.