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Golden Retriever Sleeping In Garden Pond

This is adorable pet dog finds a very wet place to take a nap – lying in the garden POND.

Owner Keetawan Jemsuwun, 28, was cleaning the water feature in her garden while her beloved golden retriever Terry looked on.

She popped inside to get a drink but when she returned found the cheeky three-year-old pup totally drenched and lying in the water.

Golden Retriever Sleeping In Garden Pond by viralpress

Heart-warming footage shows the dog taking a nap with his head resting against the side of the pond and his body cooling off in the water in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand.

Several bemused carp fish are floating in the pond – staying in one corner away from their new guest taking up all the space.

The clip filmed on Monday afternoon went viral after Keetawan shared it online.

The golden retriever sleeping in the garden pond

The golden retriever sleeping in the garden pond

She said: ”I’d be cleaning the pond and hadn’t finished. I went inside very briefly to get a drink and when I came back I found the new type of fish – he was lying there in the water.

”I ran over and I was worried he had fallen in and hurt himself. But actually he was just sleeping. He must have been tired, or hot and wanted to cool down.

”He was laying down happily in the pond so I didn’t disturb him.”

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