Ratchada massage parlours are found in the northern part of Bangkok. The area is a ten or 15 minute taxi ride from the central Sukhumvit zone or a few stops on the MRT underground metro train. Many western tourists haven’t tried these places – but those who have rate them highly.

The massage parlours and entertainment venues in Ratchada are very different to the tourist-centric establishments along Sukhumvit and the likes of those in Pattaya. Girls do not stand outside the entrance – they’re all tucked away inside waiting for customers. And these high class places in Ratchada are much, much bigger than other bars, massage shops and even go-go clubs.

We’re talking hundreds of rooms inside a single massage parlour – some up to 20 storeys high. Just check out this video of some of the biggest, and most popular Ratchada massage parlours…

So what can you expect inside the massage parlours and entertainment clubs in Ratchada?

Well, they’re big, extravagant and well-furnished. Some of the best in Thailand. There might be up to 30 or more girls to choose from. The girls have different prices, ranging from a cheap 1,700 Baht right up to a staggering 5,000 baht for the so-called ‘models’.

You’ll pick the girl and retreat to a private room that might also include a bubble bath or jacuzzi. You can relax before or after in the downstairs bar areas. Some of the biggest Ratchada massage parlours, like the Lord Hotel and Spa, even have live bands playing.

Don’t expect the kind of ‘yes Mr, me love you long time’ ass-kissing that Sukhumvit and Pattaya girls dish out. These places are not catering for western tourists – they’re main market is wealthy Thai locals, Japanese and Chinese tourists.

What are the prices inside Ratchada Massage Parlours?

The cost of the higher class venues in Bangkok are actually very good. Many tourists that have become aware of this entirely different red light area speak highly of it. In fact, a 90 minute visit to a high class massage parlour actually works out much cheaper than picking up a bar girl, paring the drinks, bar fine, taxi fares etc etc.

Basic girl – 90 minutes – 1,700 baht

Mid-range babe – 90 minutes – 2,500 baht

High-class model – 90 minutes – 5,000 baht

Plus, the girls in these massage parlours all have regular checks for STDs and they’re IDs are stored securely with the owners. Another bonus is that these massage parlours are far more discreet – nobody will see you trawling the streets or flirting with chicks at bars.

With all that in mind, we believe that these tug towers are surprisingly good value.

One of the girls in the Ratchada massage parlours
Girls in the Ratchada massage parlours are top quality

The lowest prices are 1,700 baht for 90 minutes. Prices increase gradually according to the level of the girl and the individual massage parlour. For example, at the Lord Hotel and Spa – the most luxurious and expensive in Ratchada – prices start at 3,000 baht and increase to 5,000 for some of the prettier girls.

Compare this to the cost of a bar fine at a bar along Sukhumvit Road (700 baht) plus the cost of paying the girl for her services (2,000 baht), then buying a lady drink or two and some for yourself (1,000 baht), plus a short time hotel (3oo baht assuming you don’t return to your own hotel or home) and a taxi fare there and for the girl to return back (average 250 baht) and you’re already hitting  4,000 baht territory.

What services are included?

The standard service is massage and sex. Anything else that happens behind the closed door is entirely up to the customer and the girl.

Many of the door staff and receptionists at these places are quite liberal. If you detail the particular service you require, they will find a girl willing to accommodate that. They will also not ask for extra payment, as the fee covers it all.

So basically there are no fixed rules about the extras that may or may not be included. Provided it’s not illegally or super-weird, chances are that most of the massage parlours in Ratchada will be able to accommodate that.

How to find the Ratchada Massage Parlours?

We’ll list a few of the biggest and best below. But the best advice is jump in a taxi and head for the Emmanuelle venue. Most of the massage parlours are concentrated around this zone or within a short walking or motorcycle taxi distance.

To visit by train take the MRT and get off at Huay Kwang MRT station. From here take a stroll round the area.

You might also like to book a hotel or condo in this area for your next holiday. It’s a little quieter than downtown Bangkok, has fewer western tourists, cheaper food, more Thai locals, and plenty of large shopping malls and chain restaurants  as well as smaller, authentic Thai street restaurants.

Ratchada is only a short ride to Sukhumvit Road so you’re never far from the action going down at the Nana and Soi Cowboy.

What are some of the best massage parlours in Ratchada, Bangkok?

Everybody will have their own preferences and experiences of each establishment. Some prefer the cheaper shops while others want the more refined, high class experience.

We’ll list the biggest here alongside a brief description and let you decide by visiting them and deciding just how good they are. They’re listed in order of price, from the cheapest to the most expensive venues.

  • Mercia Massage – Starts from 1,700 baht and a large choice of girls. Very close to Huay Kwang
  • Ocean Massage – Looking a little old and weathered. Includes bar and pool tables. Prices begin at 1,900 baht. Ratchada Soi 7.
  • Alaina Massage – Very large block with more than 100 rooms. Clean, modern, includes bar and wide choice of girls
  • Hi-Class Massage Entertainment Complex – Deeper inside the block of venues near Huay Kwang. Food, drinks and women available.
  • Claudia Club & Karaoke – Targeting Japanese customers and focused on drinks and socialising with private rooms available.
  • Poseidon Entertainment Complex – Enormous massage parlour a two minute motorcycle taxi ride from Huay Kwang. Has live bands and bars. Plus lots of girls.
  • Emmanuelle Massage & Entertainment Club – Moving towards the much higher class establishment, with door staff, porters, restaurants, rooms etc etc
  • Utopia Massage – A five minute taxi ride from Huay Kwang and a little isolated. Big venue and lots of bubble baths
  • The Lord Palace And Hotel Spa – This is the ultimate high-end luxury place. Lots of door staff, porters etc. Big choice of girls. Bands, bar, restaurant. Expect to pay up to 5,000 baht plus tips here

And now for a gallery of the large multi-storey massage parlours in Ratchada…. See this blog post walking around Ratchada for more pictures from an afternoon walking around the Ratchada massage parlours