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Massive Tree Falls Onto Moving Car In Singapore

This is the terrifying moment a car was cruising down the motorway before getting flattened by a 50 ft tall falling TREE .

The driver of the pink Honda Jazz was overtaking a line of waiting cars in the left-hand lane in Singapore.

Moments later the enormous sea apple tree comes toppling down after being weakened by earlier thunder storms and heavy rain.

The moment a tree fell onto a moving car in Singapore

The moment a tree fell onto a moving car in Singapore

It crushed a white van in the left lane and damaged the red Honda but incredibly, nobody was injured.

Stunned onlooker Gilbert Teo said police closed the road while the mess of branches and leaves were cleared after the collapse at 8pm.

He added: ”I was stuck maybe about 10 to 15 mins and I took a detour into Jalan Anggerek to make my way home.”

Authorities cleared away the fallen tree from the city’s Aljunied Road after some two hours, according to the The Singapore Civil Defence Force.

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