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Meth Dealer Tried To Hide Under BUCKET

This year’s award for the world’s worst fugitive goes to meth-head Somchai – who tried to hide under a BUCKET.

Thanathip Thongsuk, 22, was spotted handling drugs with friends at a snooker hall in Nakhon Si Thammarat on October 18.

Staff tipped off police who raided Thanathip’s house under a mile away in the Thung Yai district.


Thanathip fled the home but police searched two toilets at the rear of the building and spotted him hiding under a giant pink tub.

Officers then retrieved methamphetamine ‘yabba’ tablets from the toilet which Thanathip had even forgot to flush – because he had emptied the large pink bucket of its water so he could hide under it.

Police Colonel Somnuek Suwannawong from the Thung Yai police station said the suspect had been arrested on suspicion of dealing drugs.

He said: ‘’There was a report of a group of young people using methamphetamine at a snooker hall.

‘’On arrival at the suspect’s home he tried to run away into the toilet. Police found two bathrooms at the back of the property and Thanathip Thongsuk was in the second one.

‘’A large pink basin was in the corner of the room and officers noticed that it was uneven, floating above the ground. Then when they looked closer they saw a foot.

‘’There were eight methamphetamine tablets in the toilet. They were taken as evidence.’’

Thanathip said he had emptied the water from the large bucket – which is normally used to flush the squat-style toilets – onto the ground before climbing inside.

He admitted possession of drugs but police are still investigating the incident.

Pol Col Suwannawong added: ‘’The suspect Mr Thongsuk admitted that he forgot to flush the tablets away.

”There is more investigation to do into the wider group and where the drugs came from.”

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