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Ming Kongsawas Pictures

Ming Kongsawas is a young Thai model based in Chonburi who is best known for a series of controversial photo shoots.

Ming, also known as Minggomut Maming Kongsawas, was arrested and fined over a risque shoot to promote a coffee shop in which she and friend served customers wearing only an apron and nothing underneath.

That was in February 2018.Then in May of the same year she was arrested and fined again (see a pattern here?) when pictures emerged of her for cheeky upskirt pictures in a McDonald’s in the Bang Na district of Bangkok. The pictures had actually been taken a year earlier then published online later.

Still, she clearly has a history of naughty pictures.

She’s not a bad looker with a nice rack. And she’s clearly full of personality judging by her brushes with the law. She must be lively between the sheets!

So admire these pictures of Ming Kongsawas… and even more of Ming in a blue bikini

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