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Mysterious 600lbs Buddha Statue Floats In Water

This 600-pound Buddhist statue has amazed villagers – after it was able to FLOAT in holy water.

The brass scultpred was placed in the pool and under normal circumstances should have sank – particularly because it has dozens of holes in the metal to allow in water. But the idol has now taken on a special spiritual signifacnce for villagers who believe it posseses mystical powers.

Locals have been flocking to see it at the Tan Ched Cho temple in Ang Thong, central Thailand. Footage taken last Saturday shows the Buddha figure floating in the holy water and receiving blessings in the form of flowers and donations.

The abbot Piboonpattanapimol said the statue had been located in the temple for a long time with an unknown history.

He said: ”Four men were carrying the statue out for an annual ceremony. It was supposed to be put in the middle of the pond but the statue never stood upright no matter how many times they tried.” The abbot decided to keep this heavy Buddha statue on the water and it suddenly became famous. People named the Buddha statue as “Loy Buddha” which means a floating monk.

A loyal Buddhist Piroon Nimpraserd, 57, said that it was unbelievable to see the brass statue able to float on the water. He said: “The Buddha also has a lot of holes which make it harder for a 660-pound statue to float in the water. “Loy Buddha had made many Buddhists want to see this miracle with their own eyes. I’m happy to see more visitors come to the temple and pay respect to the statue.”

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