Pretty Teenager Is A Hit After Opening Motorcycle Repair Shop

This baby-faced biker chick has become her towns most sought-after mechanic after opening her own repair shop.

Chutikarn Hernadisai, 19, started tinkering with motorcycle engines when she was just a little girl – first lifting a spanner when she was just three.

Her family taught her how to strip down a motorcycle and diagnose engine problems, repairing everything from electrical problems to brake failure.

Chutikarn, whose nickname is ‘Smile’ has now become a rip-roaring business success after opening her own repair shop on the outskirts of Bangkok.

The teenager joked that she has had ”hundreds of men” flock to her shop for with mystery motorcycle issues they need fixing.

But Chutikarn said that while many of the men have asked for her number to take on dates, she remains single and focused on her business.

She said: ”For as long as I can remember, I saw my dad running a garage. I saw how my father was tired, working to feed our family by repairing motorcycles, so I wanted to help him. Even though I’m just a dainty lady, I can do it, too.

Chutikarn stated working in a shop owner by her father, Thattathep Hernadisai, 57,
when she was 13 and gradually picked up the business tricks.

“After I came home from school, I would help my dad repair motorcycles, fixing a tyre puncture, changing a tyre, and changing an engine’s oil, changing brake pads, that kind of small job” she added.

Now a minor local celebrity in Thailand having been featured on several TV shows, Chutikarn frequently live-streams herself getting her hands dirty.
Her videos gain up to hundred thousands of views, with comments from her admirers flooding the page. On a recent broadcast, one viewer said: ”I wish my tyre burst every day.”

Chutikarn’s father Thattathep, also a keen biker and mechanic, said: ”My daughter is very well behaved. She is a role model for other teenagers. She is focused on her family and working hard for her future. I am very proud of her.”

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