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Probably The Best Backside In Bangkok

Back in the day, Soi 4 and Sukhumvit road was a happy hunting ground. But it’s not often these days I’ll pick up girls from the street.

That was until I spotted probably the best backside and I’ve seen in Bangkok wobbling down the road.

Five feet tall maybe, even after some thick-heeled trainers. Tiny, tiny denim hot pants with the cheeks hanging out. Dyed blonde hair and fair-sized upper scaffolding to boot.

It was swaying out of a hotel at the very end of Soi 4. Had it been with a customer? Probably. Was it a little tipsy. Definitely.

While she asked a few tuk tuk drivers for a ride I lingered.  Now, it’s not often I approach street girls so predatorily. I waited for while, assuming she’d probably disappear into the darkness again. But when she appeared again having been denied a ride from a tuk tuk or taxi, I jumped in with the directness of the desperate Indians.

”Hi, you go with me?” Well, you don’t ask you don’t get, I suppose. She was clearly a bit worse for wear  and mumbled something about going home but then asked for my Line.

Well, as she’s asking. We added each other and 30 minutes later she’s sending me sexy pictures. Damn. I was already i na taxi half way home and had to decline her invitation, what with it being past midnight already.

So alls well and good. Another brief acquaintance that would probably be forgotten. Forgotten until the next morning that it, when she message and sent a nude.

Now, f*** me, I’ve seen plenty of unclotthed chicks. But the arse of this thing had my  heart pounding. 10am on a Monday morning and I was almost half-way out the door and calling for a taxi to her room on Soi 4. All kinds of images of exotic positions and unfulfilled desires were flashing through my mind and blinding my sense.

I have a weakness for certain types of girls. It doesn’t help when they’re filthy as sin and readily available without any chasing. And when they have an arse like this chick, well…

But this girl I will have to pass by. I can tell already she’s a super-sexy little strumpet and I can get awfully addicted to such fillies. The pants drop, the wallet opens and before you know it, two weeks of infatuation have passed, you’ve not done any work and you’re 500 quid out of pocket. It all spells trouble.

I’ve deleted her message to me and hoping she doesn’t message me again. (I could block her, but well, never say never).

The moral of the story? Know your weakness. Every man has a weakness. And honestly, it takes pain and experience to figure it out. Thailand is a place that can ruin you. So know your weakness and get in control of it.

I’ll probably have to take the day off and be lazily unproductive. But I need a break anyway. As for the hot pants harlot… there’ll be no end of men messaging her throwing thousand baht notes her way.

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