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Jessie Vard’s Heart Check-up

Jessie Vard posted a picture of herself having a heart check-up – using some revealing medical techniques. The Irish model who now lives in Thailand wrote that she had been overdoing it with three jobs a day. She said ”no body must be broken before getting rich”. ขอโทษนะร่างกายที่ใช้งานแกหนักขนาดนี้ หลังจากนี้จะไม่หักโหมอีกแล้ว …

Jessie Vard With A Pestle And Mortar

Jessie Vard’s back and she’s hotter than ever. Here’s the little beauty posing in a sarong and getting suggestive with a pestle and mortar. Judging by the way she’s holding that piece of wood, there’s no way she’s of the lesbian persuasion. Or at least we hope not.

Jessie Vard, Irish Lesbian Model In Bangkok

Jessie Vard is an Irish underwear model who has been living in Thailand since she was young. She has lovely brown hair and a great figure. And she has some 1,000,000 followers online – many of them Thais impressed by her fluency in the local language. Jessie is …