Thai Waitresses Arrested For Wearing Only Knickers And Aprons

Four busty waitresses were arrested after fined for serving customers – wearing nothing but knickers and aprons.

The women, all aged between 24 and 34, were hired to pull in customers during the night shifts at the restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand.

Thrilled customers flocked to the venue to admire the attractive trio as they served beers, bar snacks and collected glasses.

Each girl wore knickers and colourful aprons – while using nipple pasties to preserve some modesty by covering the nipples on their surgically enhanced breasts.

But pictures of the trio sparked outrage from conservative locals and cops descended on the Paikanyai bar before summoning the workers to the police station.

The girls and the owner were each fined 2,000 baht (50GBP) for public indecency. New staff will now be ordered to dress appropriately.

Police Colonel Alongkorn Sirisongkram said said: “We saw the videos and pictrues of the pretties working at the restaurant and it was agreed that this was not an appropriate way to dress in public.”

The four waitresses said they received 2,500 (64GBP) baht each for the two hour shifts from 9pm to 11pm serving food and clearing tables.

Customers were happy with their costumes and the sales of drinks had increased, they told police.

Police Colonel Sirisongkram added: ”When we visited the restaurant the girls were not there but we had enough evidence to proceed with arresting them. They admitted their wrongful behaviourand accepted fines.”

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