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Woman Fires GUN From Apartment At NYE Party

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This is the shocking moment a pretty woman welcomes in New Year by firing a HANDGUN out of her APARTMENT.

The woman – named on social media as Sudarat Sukseangjan – lets off five rounds across into the night sky while pointing the gun through an open door onto her balcony.

She’s jolted back by the force of the gun but calmly tucks it away and laughs after finishing the ”reckless” stunt.

Police began investigating after she posted the footage online and it went viral – with users outraged by her behavior.

Police commissioner Tony Chaiwinit said: ”We know about the clip and we have looked into it quickly.

”It is a 23-year-old girl and we have found her address. If there is proof that it has been committed in the area we will pursue legal action.

Sudarat Sukseangjan is arrested by police after firing the gun from her apartment

Sudarat Sukseangjan is arrested by police after firing the gun from her apartment

”As for the weapon used to shoot the video clip is not yet requested preliminary confirmation that, yes, a real gun or a weapon is only a bb gun.”

Sudarat, a student, was tracked down and later charged  with letting off the .38 pistol in a built up area.

The woman could face a fine of up to 5,000THB (£100). The Facebook account that posted the footage has since been closed down.

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